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end or year in the winter time in big city at night with illuminated Christmas tree under tower walkwayUncategorized
December 6, 2022

Five Things To Do Before End Of Year To Solidify Your Finances

The rush and excitement of the end of year is in full swing as you prepare for the holidays and buy those last-minute gifts for a special loved one. Just…
Generational family taking selfie together while celebrating birthdayUncategorized
November 17, 2022

Small Gifts – Big Impact: Why Annual Exclusion Gifting is a Great Estate Planning Tool

Annual exclusion gifting is perhaps one of the simplest estate planning strategies, and yet, it's one that regularly gets overlooked. Taking advantage of your annual exclusion and implementing a gifting…
Estate Planning strategies help older couples minimize estate and future inheritance taxesUncategorized
August 30, 2022

Estate Planning With SLATs Helps Clients Avoid Taxes, Yet Keep Control

One of the main reasons people avoid reviewing or updating their estate plan is because they believe it means that they will be giving up control of their assets. This…
Capital Gains TaxUncategorized
June 9, 2022

Are Your Mutual Funds Increasing Your Tax Bill? Don’t Let Capital Gains Tax Surprise You.

Many tax professionals in accounting offices across the country have had to deliver unexpected news to their clients this year about the capital gains tax increasing the amount of total…
estate tax exemptionUncategorized
May 9, 2022

Estate Tax Exemption Changes Coming in 2026: Revisit Estate Planning Now

Inevitable changes are coming to the current estate tax laws. These changes will have an immediate impact on the amount of estate taxes you will pay, but may also limit…
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Gen X, Boomers, 9 Ways To Take Your Retirement For A Test Drive

Gen X, Boomers, 9 Ways To Take Your Retirement For A Test Drive

Gen Xers and young Boomers: Your retirement is up ahead. Here's how to take it for a test drive and reduce the chances that your retirement buy is a lemon. Read More

Average Cost of a Will

Average Cost of a Will

The cost of a will could range from nothing to $8,000, depending on how you make it. If your estate is more complex, it will likely cost you more money to make a will. Every expert we talked to agreed having some kind of will is better than none at all. Read More

Currency risk rises up the agenda for investors

Currency risk rises up the agenda for investors

Hedging foreign exchange exposure becomes more important amid increasing geopolitical risk and diverging economies. Read More

What’s a Golden Visa and Where Can You Still Get One?

What’s a Golden Visa and Where Can You Still Get One?

It’s never been so difficult or dangerous to try to reach another country if its government doesn’t want you there. A record number of migrants died in their search for a new life in 2023, when governments spent unprecedented sums on border enforcement. Read More

Is inflation morally wrong?

Is inflation morally wrong?

Workers think so. Economists disagree. Read More

U.K. stocks may finally be back in fashion

U.K. stocks may finally be back in fashion

London’s FTSE-100 hit a record high on Tuesday, raising hopes that Britain’s stock market might finally be shaking off years of underperformance as investors look for bargains and UK growth picks up. Read More

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Legacy Group Quarterly Update | Q1 2024 Review

Stocks notched solid gains in the first quarter as enthusiasm about artificial intelligence, signs of a soft landing, and dovish talk from the Fed buoyed investor confidence.

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