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Our Process

Building and Preserving Wealth Across Generations

Our approach starts with an analysis of your legal, accounting, and financial standing to develop a plan that gets you closer to your personal and business goals.
Step 01

Data Gathering

  • Comprehensive collection of relevant personal and business stats (legal, accounting, financial)
  • In-depth discussion of your goals, objectives and preferences
Step 02

Analysis & Design

  • Identify gaps between current situation and future aspirations
  • Compare and contrast options to help reach your financial goals
Step 03


  • Review pros and cons of available state-of-the-art solutions
  • Identify which solutions may have the most significant impact on your family and/or your business
Step 04


  • Coordinate with other trusted advisors (accountant, attorney, etc.) to ensure that all aspects of your plan are executed as you intend
  • Implement any financial products identified in your plan*

*Please note that you can implement your financial plan at the financial institution of your choice.

Step 05

Monitor & Review

  • Monitor your plan proactively in light of the economy and changing tax laws
  • Review your plan and keep it current in light of changes in your life and objectives

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We take a cross-disciplinary approach to provide you with a custom blueprint to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations:


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