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It’s no secret- People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.  Deliberate planning helps you increase your chances of achieving all of your future financial goals and objectives.

By working with The Legacy Group, you gain access to a multidisciplinary team that works with accountants, attorneys actuaries, wealth managers and insurance specialists, whose primary focus is planning for your financial well being. Together, we help you mitigate risk, prepare for relevant future events and chart a financial course that reflects your goals and fits your means.

Achieving your future financial goals and objectives requires an intentional effort and commitment to planning.  Just as you have a blueprint when building a home, or a business plan for our business, we believe that it’s critical for everyone to have a financial blueprint.

There will be life events that will inevitably have a significant impact on your life: i.e. buying a home, getting married, having children, college, special or unexpected events, and retirement.  Having a financial blueprint will help prepare you for all that life has in store for you.

A comprehensive financial plan includes a focus on retirement, risk management, short and long-term investment management, tax reduction strategy, and estate planning considerations.

There was a time when retirement was viewed primarily as an ending. Today, retirement is often a new beginning. It can be a change in direction or just one of many stages you envision in fulfilling dreams, goals and aspirations. You may want to give back to your community, spend more time with family, focus on self-enrichment, travel the world, or embark on a career where the work matters more than the money.

Success in retirement–  as you define it — requires careful preparation that begins long before you retire.  At the core is a comprehensive financial plan encompassing all your financial needs, risks and options.  If you have started yet, or if you’re ready to reexamine your previous plans, there’s no time like the present to move forward.  

Do you know the answer to each of these questions?

  • What portion of your retirement income is guaranteed for life?
  • Are you aware how much money you need to retire?
  • Are your long-term goals identifiable and quantifiable?
  • Are your investments in line with those long-term goals?
  • Are you familiar with your pension or 401(k) elections?
  • Do you know the advantages of lump sum payouts vs. a stream of payments, and joint-survivor vs. single life distributions?

Whether you are currently working and planning for your retirement or are already retired, it is never too soon to begin addressing these issues. The Legacy Group can help.

Estate Planning is the process of identifying the most effective way to transfer your wealth to the next generation.  There are many unintended consequences that can result in a significant reduction of what is left for your family.  A common Misconception is that estate planning is something that is done only by very affluent people preparing for an orderly distribution of assets after death.  In actual practice, however, estate planning is an important part of life, including for those of modest means.

Are you aware of what would happen to your assets if you prematurely passed away today?  The greatest benefit may lie in knowing that your wishes will be respected.  Taking the necessary steps to name your heirs can relieve them of the unnecessary cost and stress of settling your estate.

Do you know the answer to each of these questions?

  • What would happen to your assets if you were to pass away today?
  • Does your will protect the assets you leave to your children from reckless spending, creditors, lawsuits and/or divorce?
  • Are there any future heirs who have special needs which need to be planned for? (Not planning for heirs receiving government benefits may cause them to lose those benefits.)
  • Is there a plan to pay estate taxes, which can be as high as 50% when considering both federal and state estate taxes? Is there sufficient liquidity to pay those taxes?

The Legacy Group will work with you to discover your goals and preferences, and then determines the best way to plan for life and death in relation to the passing of your assets.

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